Imminent Impressions at CCA : Andratx - Palma de Mallorca

3 July - 27 November 2021

CCA is excited to present the young Spanish artist, Victoria Marques Pinto’s first solo show in Mallorca.

Since 2018, Victoria has collected pieces of plastic from three different points in the Mediterranean to form a collection of more than a thousand pieces. A selection of these pieces is the starting point of “Imminent Impressions”. Her artistic process, which is multidisciplinary and open, involves photographing some of the plastics collected and then reintegrating them into a landscape that she also intervenes with paint. The final result will be a photograph that is the sum of many, a single image, that like a collage shows an imaginary landscape; an illusory of rocky, compact, coloured and perfectly homogeneous consistencies of plastic pieces that are incorporated almost naturally into these seascapes.


Imminent Impressions re-imagines a future landscape whilst giving a literal meaning to the so-called plastic patches or mountains floating in the ocean. The project involves physically removing the integrated pieces of plastic and reintegrating them onto the “landscape” again, creating a surreal scenario that mirrors the reality of our current and future environmental predicament.




Located in Sa Coma in Andratx in Palma de Mallorca, CCA is dedicated to the creation and exhibition of Contemporary Art. It offers a unique cultural experience, and the Studio Program is open to national and international artists. CCA Andratx was founded in 2001 by Jacob and Patricia Asbaek.



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